About Us

Function Key was born with the idea of removing the clutter of your digital life. Similar to the Function Key on your computer keyboard, that eliminates the need of an extra row of keys, we want to be that shortcut to simplify your technological needs. You can count on us for easy and effective solutions that will not break the bank.

Our History

Founded by Joao Bolson, a long-time IT Consultant for the enterprise sector, Function Key already helped many people to improve their home network, buy proper equipment and upgrade old devices. The key element for our success is a friendly approach and commitment to educate the users on how to better use the tools they have on their hands.

Our Vision

Function Key believes that technology should be present in our lives to facilitate and simplify our busy routines, and not the other way around. We are always in pursuit of better ways to use products and services to make our customer’s daily tasks easier.

Some of our work

La Maida
Network – La Maida
Network / Wi-Fi
Web Design – Lawyerly.CO
Social / Web Design